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1.Give the scientific name of the receptor, which receives:
i. Taste.
ii. Smell.
iii. Hearing.
2.What is receptor?
3.Draw the diagram of neuron showing the direction of nerve impulse.
4.What is synapse? How does nerve impulse pass through synapse?
5.Give the term for junction between two neurons/ neuron of muscle/ gland.
6.What is reflex action?
7.What is reflex arc?
8.Name the nervous system that brings communication between C.N.S and body parts. Name two types of their nerves and distinguish between them.
9.Name the part of brain:
i. Thinking part.
ii. Have area of sensory impulse
iii. Memory.
iv. Controls beating of heart, size of pupil
v. Blood pressure and salivation.
vi. Body posture.
10.What is CSF? Write its function.
11.Differentiate between tropic and nastic movement with examples.
12.Give an activity to explain response of the plant:
i. To the direction of light
ii. Geotropism.
i. Geotropism.
ii. Hydrotropism
iii. Chemotropism.
iv. Phototropism.
14.Write the functions of following plant hormones:
i. Gibberllins.
ii. Auxins
iii. Cytokinins.
iv. ABA.
15.What are endocrine glands?
16.Write the characteristics of hormones.
17.Name a gland that is both endocrine and exocrine.
18.Explain the mechanism by which hormone secretion is regulated.
19.With label diagram describe the function of various part of brain.
20.Giving an example explain reflex action with labeled diagram.
21.Briefly describe mechanism of muscle contraction for movement in response to nerve impulse.
22.How does hormone action takes place.
23.Give a tabular form showing the following name of gland, their main hormones and functions:
i. Thyroid.
ii. Adrenal.
iii. Pituitary.
iv. Pancreas.
v. Ovary.
vi. Testis.
24.Which signal will get disrupted in case of spinal cord injury?
25.Name the endocrine gland, which are different in male and female in human.

-S. Rath, P.G.T Bio


Saad Amir said...

Plants and animals has being so important for the men because both are the antilles things for the world.Then the men live at their best in this field education has being so important.
regards, saad from

Rajkumar Singh said...
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Rajkumar Singh said...

This information is really very important form exam point of view. Thank you for revising this information.

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