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1.Mention the brain capacities of (i) Homo habilis (ii) Neanderthal man.
2.Bring out the relationship between BOD and the organic matter in sewage.
3.Why is genetic code said to be degenerate?
4.What is meant by species composition of an ecosystem?
5.Name the common ancestor of man and ape.
6.What is the role of bacteria in the production of Swiss cheese?
7.Mention two adaptations found in desert plants.
8.What are Darwin’s finches?
9.Differentiate between zoospore and a zygote.
10.Write four characteristics symptoms of Turner’s syndrome.
11.Define spermiogenesis and spermiation.
12.What are lymph nodes? What is their function in our immune system? Or mention the factors responsible for the success of green revolution.
13.What is a tumour? Mention its two types.
14.Biomass is more meaningful measure of population size. Explain with an example.
15.Differentiate between gene flow and genetic drift.
16.Bring out the advantage of molecular diagnosis over conventional method.
17.Name the chemical and their source cells which cause allergic response in our body.
18.How does temperature affect the living organisms?
19.Define ecological diversity. Represent schematically how it is related to genetic and species diversity.
20.What are transgenic bacteria? Illustrate with an example. Or What are the critical areas of biotechnology?
21.Enlist the symptoms of ascariasis. How does it spread?
22.Bring out the limitations of ecological pyramids.
23.Why are cloning vectors necessary in genetic engineering? Name any two such vectors that are used in experiments with E. coli. Or What is meant by down stream processing? Describe the same.
24.Enlist the measures one has to take to preventing contracting of STD’s.
25.Mention the three connotations of theory of special creations.
26.What is meant by the term ‘breed’? What are the objectives of animal breeding?
27.Describe the naming of restriction enzymes with an example.
28.Draw labeled diagram showing the parts of human male reproductive system. Label ten parts in it. Or trace the development of megaspore mother cell of a flower into a mature ovule. Give a labeled diagram of the final stage.
29.Discuss briefly the municipal solid wastes. Or what is global warming? List four strategies of reducing global warming.
30.Describe in detail the technique of DNA finger printing. Or (i) Why is DNA and not RNA, the genetic material of many organisms. (ii)Differentiate between euchromatin and heterochromatin.


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