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1.How does biochemistry provide evidence for organic evolution?
2.Expand NACO.
3.Name the varieties of rice from which semi-dwarf varieties have been developed.
4.Mention the commercial use of lipase.
5.What is meant by carrying capacity of environment?
6.Define the term ‘induction’ with reference to gene expression.
7.Why antibody mediated immunity is is termed as humoral immunity?
8.What are ectotherms?
9.Explain any two methods of vector less gene transfer.
10.What are the harmful effects of chemical pesticides?
11.What is vaccination? How does it help in producing immunity?
Or enlist the characters that breeders have tried to incorporate into crop plants.
12.What is seminal plasma? Mention its components.
13.Differentiate between estrous cycle and menstrual cycle.
14.Why logistic growth model is considered more realistic in nature? Explain.
15.Define- plasmid, biotechnology.
16.How does temperature affect living organisms?
17.Who discovered mutations? Write the scientific name of the plant he worked on.
18.Bring out the advantages of molecular diagnostics over conventional method.
19.Describe phosphorous cycle that operates in nature.
20.Explain what is meant by biofortification.
21.Write the scientific name of the organism that causes amoebiasis. How does it spread?
22.Describe the process of decomposition.
23.Describe gene therapy with reference to ADA deficiency.
Or describe the different methods of introducing the rDNA into a competent host cell.
24.Explain the following terms in one or two sentences- (i) MALT (ii) humulin (iii) biofortified food.
25.What is convergent evolution? What other name is given to it? Give an example of convergent evolution.
26.Mention any four advantages of single cell proteins. Give an example.
27.Give examples to show how introduction of exotic species can affect the biodiversity of a given region?
28.How are genetic disorder broader classified? Explain with two examples of each.
Or Who demonstrated semi conservative replication of DNA? Explain the procedure in detail.
29.Describe the hormonal control of parturition in human female in detail. Or (i) differentiate between true fruit and false fruit with one example in each. (ii) Draw a labeled diagram of L.S. of an apple.
30.Describe briefly the defunct ships and e-wastes. Or (i) What is Eutrophication? How does it affect the aquatic life? Explain. (ii) Describe chipko movement.


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