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Some times back I needed various pictures from NCERT textbooks. The best source I could think of was the free NCERT textbooks available on NCERT website. But to my utter dismay I could not download the books, it was only the front cover of the books I could download. I do not know whether every one else is facing similar predicament or not.

If you are facing the same problem, then relax. I, after some Googling landed on a great web work. This site has extracted all the NCERT books and has made them free to download. So, if in the new session you are not getting your books, then you have a pick to download them free from:

Also share how your examinations were. Keep writing. 


This post helps you find some of the best available materials on English Class X. Every link will take you to rich content for your help. One thing you should keep in mind that rather than surfing down, solve one paper at a time and come back for next paper. Best wishes to all the students. 

First have a look at class X questions present on this site, you will find numerous questions for your help. Further question papers are at:


This is a special post, which presents best of online content for mathematics class X. This will be a kind of practice before the examinations. Try to solve the questions provided and reap maximum out of it.

The links provided below takes you to some of the best mathematics content available on the internet. Now let's start doing mathematics step by step.


Important questions (Sourced from


In order to help students make the right moves while preparing and answering exams, CBSE has released an advice which would also be useful to students answering the ICSE board exam. 

The CBSE counsellor suggests that students do not miss on their sleep and stick to homemade fresh food. The counsellor also advises that students do some writing practice and improve the way answers are packaged. 

The board asks students not to leave for exams on an empty stomach and to take care of their admit card, and to report at the exam venue at least half an hour before the start of the paper as this helps relieve anxiety. 

Psychologists also suggest that students should stop discussing the question paper once the exam is over and instead concentrate on preparations for the next day's paper. 

According to experts, students should bear in mind that all educational boards in the country are also now laying stress of conceptual learning rather than rote learning. In subjects such as math and science, more emphasis is being given to practical learning, and multiple-choice questions are being asked. 

There is no exam authority that allots marks for neatness of the answer sheet. However, if the student's paper is neat and more presentable, it is easier for the examiner to understand and assess. Thus, one is more likely to earn the marks he or she rightfully deserves, the experts point out. 

Students are also advised to try starting with a new page for every answer or at least ensure to number the answers correctly corresponding to the questions, as "it is always better to have the examiner think positive about the student's performance on paper". Embellishing answers with explainatory flow charts, and adding diagrams and figures wherever applicable can help students score more marks, say experts.
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