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1.What do you mean by natural resources? Give examples.
2.What are various laws and organisations that protect our environment?
3.Name the microorganisms whose presence indicates water contamination?
4.Write one way how to measure contamination of water.
5.Explain three R’s to save environment.
6.What is sustainable development?
7.What is the necessity to manage our resources?
8.Why forest is called ‘biodiversity hot spots’?
9.Who are the stakeholders of forest?
10.Out of the four stakeholders which one is preferred to take care of forest?
11.Why do forest development and industrialists are not preferred to forest conservation?
12.What is ‘chipko movement’? Why this movement became so popular?
13.What are the various reasons of non-availability of water in arid and semi-arid zones of our country?
14.What are the advantages of dam?
15.Why dam construction is a matter of controversy and criticism?
16.Define water harvesting? What are the various ways of water harvesting?
17.Why should water-harvesting system be localized?
18.What are the advantages of water stored in ground?
19.Why coal and petroleum are called fossil fuels?
20.Why management of resources is necessary?
21.Why should resources like coal and petroleum be judiciously used?
22.What are the harmful gases released when fossil fuels are burnt? What are their adverse effects?
23.Write some eco-friendly activities at home/school?

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Saad Amir said...

The men are to manage the organization of any company.That this is professional field of the education that help the men in his future.
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Rajkumar Singh said...

This information is very useful for those aspiring students who wants to build their career in this field. You are doing a very good work by posting this kind of useful of information.

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