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Part2-Biology Chapters in Animation

You will need shockwave player installed to view these animated tutorials. Click on the link to view them.

Chapter 1: An Evolutionary Framework for Biology
Chapter 2: Life and Chemistry: Small Molecules

Chapter 3: Life and Chemistry: Large Molecules
Chapter 4: The Basic Units of Life
Chapter 5: Cellular Membranes
Chapter 6: Energy, Enzymes, and Metabolism
Chapter 7: Cellular Pathways That Harvest Chemical Energy
Chapter 8: Photosynthesis: Energy from the Sun
Chapter 9: Chromosomes, the Cell Cycle, and Cell Division
PART TWO Information and Heredity
Chapter 10: Genetics: Mendel and Beyond
Chapter 11: DNA and Its Role in Heredity
Chapter 12: From DNA to Protein: Genotype to Phenotype
Chapter 13: The Genetics of Viruses and Prokaryotes
Chapter 14: The Eukaryotic Genome and Its Expression
Chapter 15: Cell Signaling and Communication
Chapter 16: Recombinant DNA and Biotechnology
Chapter 17: Molecular Biology and Medicine
Chapter 18: Natural Defenses against Disease
PART THREE Development
Chapter 19: Differential Gene Expression in Development
Chapter 20: Animal Development: From Genes to Organism
Chapter 21: Development and Evolutionary Change
PART FOUR Evolutionary Processes
Chapter 22: The History of Life on Earth
Chapter 23: The Mechanisms of Evolution
Chapter 24: Species and Their Formation
Chapter 25: Reconstructing and Using Phylogenies
Chapter 26: Molecular and Genomic Evolution
PART FIVE The Evolution of Diversity
Chapter 27: Bacteria and Archaea: The Prokaryotic Domains
Chapter 28: Protists and the Dawn of the Eukarya
Chapter 29: Plants Without Seeds: From Sea to Land
Chapter 30: The Evolution of Seed Plants
Chapter 31: Fungi: Recyclers, Pathogens, Parasites, and Plant Partners
Chapter 32: Animal Origins and the Evolution of Body Plans
Chapter 33: Ecdysozoans: The Molting Animals
Chapter 34: Deuterostomate Animals
PART SIX The Biology of Flowering Plants
Chapter 35: The Plant Body
Chapter 36: Transport in Plants
Chapter 37: Plant Nutrition
Chapter 38: Regulation of Plant Growth
Chapter 39: Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Chapter 40: Plant Responses to Environmental Challenges
PART SEVEN The Biology of Animals
Chapter 41: Physiology, Homeostasis, and Temperature Regulation
Chapter 42: Animal Hormones
Chapter 43: Animal Reproduction
Chapter 44: Neurons and Nervous Systems
Chapter 45: Sensory Systems
Chapter 46: The Mammalian Nervous System: Structure and Higher Functions
Chapter 47: Effectors: Making Animals Move
Chapter 48: Gas Exchange in Animals
Chapter 49: Circulatory Systems
Chapter 50: Nutrition, Digestion, and Absorption
Chapter 51: Salt and Water Balance and Nitrogen Excretion
Chapter 52: Animal Behavior
PART EIGHT Ecology and Biogeography
Chapter 53: Behavioral Ecology
Chapter 54: Population Ecology
Chapter 55: Communities and Ecosystems
Chapter 56: Biogeography
Chapter 57: Conservation Biology
    Chapter 58: Earth System Science