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1.During which reaction of photosynthesis oxygen is released?
2.Name two green house gases.
3.Which part of brain maintains equilibrium and posture of the body?
4.How did “Chipko movement” ultimately benefit the local population? Give two benefits.
5.Draw a neuron and label its parts.
6.(a)What do you mean by homologous organs? Give two good examples. (b) Thorn of lemon and spine of cactus in plant are which type of organ-Homologous or analogous?
7.Excessive burning of fossil fuels is harmful for living organisms and atmospheres .How?
8.What happens to glucose which enters to nephron along with filtrate during excretion in human being? State two vital function of kidney.
9.(a) Why trachea is not collapse when there is no air in it? (b)The lungs alveoli are covered with blood capillaries. (c)Why glottis is is guarded by epiglottis?
10.(a)What is the name of male gamete in man? (b) Which organ produces it? (c)Why it has got a tail and where does it get nourished? (d)What is ovulation?
---------------------------------------OR------------------------------------- (a) What are the different types of tropic movement in plants? (b)What is chemotropism? (c) Name one plant hormone that promotes growth and one plant hormone that inhibits growth. (d)Name the part of the plant that shows negative hydrotropism and negative phototropism. (e) Name a plant whose leaves fold up and droop when you touch it.

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Rajkumar Singh said...

This sample paper of bio class x is going to help me a lot. Great information mate.

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