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An Ode to an Exam Free World- Kapil Sibal

Please rid me of this awful load
preparing for the class X board

My thirsty mind craves to create
not have exams decide my fate

My wonderous eyes yearn to explore
much beyond my classroom doors

My dreams should not be cut to size
because i hate to memorize

If you test me for brains and guile
don't have to look at percentiles

Marks encourage one upmanship
a free ride on an ego trip

With textbooks I should start to surf
inquiringly look for a new turf

Walk away from the trodden path
and not invite my teacher's wrath

Solving a sum will not help
real answers to a questionong mind

Create the space for me to run
let learning be a lot of fun

- Kapil Sibal


Aditya said...

hey great ode
i just finished my 10 exams
i regret why didnt i see this blog before...

Aditya said...

hey how did u make your blog broad..i mean it covers more space in width mine is very slim sort of and i'm not gettin hw 2 change?
can u tell?